Kris Castle – Game of Thrones


Tuesday 6th June

In the cool of the evening we decided to visit Kris Castle which has been used as a location for the filming of  “Game of Thrones”.  After a rather eventful journey (we decided to let the SAT-NAV take us the scenic route) and ending up in someone’s driveway, we made it!


The setting is superb, with views over the City of Split,



Although I have watched the series, I’m not that involved that I can remember every scene and I’m told that the above shot (with a bit of CGI) was used in one episode.



On the bottom right of this photo you can see the motorway, but with a bit of clever work behind the scenes on the top photo it has disappeared!


As I’ve said it was great to visit during the cool of the day,


Rather than when there is a big parade going on !

DSC_7504The guide told us they would be back next month for filming, so Kev asked for an impromptu audition.


As did Jane and Val……


The resemblances are remarkable


It’s only the sun glasses that give it away !


I thought it was rather unkind, that they all thought I was a dead ringer for the guy on the right, stomach maybe but not the hair !


We were the last people out when the place closed at 7pm


The drive back to the campsite showed us an interesting left turn………..or is it just my memory of the Game of Thrones T.V. programme (O.K I admit to a little photoshopping for a cheap laugh !)


Back at the site, the setting sun was reflecting on the white buildings across the bay, great end to a great day !

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Val was feeling a bit melon-cauli today, so we thought that we would have a little trip out to Trogir, after a recommendation from Julian Boyers ( a friend and fellow fitness instructor from the Hampshire Club !)


Trogir is a world heritage site situated on a small island about 20 miles from Split.  You reach this island via a bridge which then carries on to another slightly larger island and the resort of Okrug.


They are building a new larger bridge to the further island, away from the town, this reduction in traffic will enhance an already stunning place.


The narrow winding streets brought a welcome break from the sun.


And a lovely cool, shady place for lunch.


After lunch, a further stroll and a few more photos.


Beautiful little nooks and crannies around every corner.


Jane and Val saw this great looking building, and walking toward the melodious sound emanating from within, they found a small group of men singing their hearts out. This certainly added to the ambiance of the day .


The architecture was fantastic, the blue sky and bright sun highlighted the skill of the builders.


From shady courtyards


To sunny quayside.


After a hot day sightseeing, a drive over to the other island,


To Okrum for a cool refreshing dip !

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Camping Split

We are now all set up at Camping Split. We are staying here for 9 nights, giving us time to recover from all the arduous, cultural site-seeing!


Early in the Morning

We intend to have a short beach break to recharge the batteries, although we do have to expend considerable energy to walk the 20 or so paces to the sea, but I suppose you have to put up with these minor inconveniences!


Early in the Evening

The campsite is great, although on first appearances it looked like you were entering a supermarket car park! However once you pass the entrance the whole site opens up to reveal some lovely shady, spacious pitches with very easy access to the beach.


After a couple of days on and around the beach we took a trip along the coast to the town of Omis.


A couple of friends (Wynne and Julie) had recommended that we visit Omis and take a boat trip through the gorge. It was a hot day and the breeze as the boat cruised up the river was very welcome.


Kevin negotiated a good deal , so much so that at the half way stop I could afford a plate of chips to keep me going.


Another great way to cool down!


On the way back Kev led the singing of “what shall we do with a drunken sailor”


Back to Omis.


That evening we walked around the corner from the campsite for a meal.  We all had a huge great meal and plenty of wine and beer and it came to less than 15.GBP per head, great value.


Yesterday we took a short drive to the nearby port of Split. This is a base for a lot of small gullet cruises, and being a changeover Saturday the place was heaving.


The army was out in force to ensure safety!


The narrow streets have been used in the filming of “Game of Thrones” but not whilst we were there!


It was definitely a lot cooler walking in the narrow lanes………….


than walking along the Harbour side…….


But it was great to see so much going on and everyone having fun……..


Even that can be exhausting !


So time to split from this place and head back to the beach!  Corny I know , but you do expect that from me !!!


On our return we found Kev trying to work out the cheapest way over to the nearby island, I thought it might be a good idea but Val and Jane were not so sure!!!


This is my view this Sunday morning as I compile this latest edition of the blog, not bad !!

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Plitvice Lakes to Split


Val is not quite sure if Kev has got the hang of the BBQ !

The campsite at Plitvice Lakes was lovely, the swimming pool and surrounding area was brand new, it was great after a long walk around the lake to dive into the cool water !


Jane and Val question Kev’s carefully planned route to Split !


The route that Kev had planned avoided the motorways.  This made for a great drive with hardly any cars on the road.  When we stopped for a coffee the silence was deafening, all you could hear were the birds singing their hearts out!


And when you did feel the need to stop by the side of the road and count the bees collecting pollen on a particular bush, there was no one about to bother you !


Whilst counting the bees, there are always opportunities to take another photo!


My navigator took the time to capture the scenary along the journey.


This particular lake was at least 10 miles long, and the lack of any commercialism was refreshing, no gift shops, cafes etc, although somewhere to park and admire the view would have been handy!


The last leg of the journey was a steep and windy descent into Split.  This new road featured a lot of new tunnels and quite a few big bridges (if you like that kind of thing!)


The next day after a bit of shopping and a lot of chilling we had a BBQ and a couple of glasses of wine !


A game of upwords, Kev won again, narrowly beating Jane!


Before bed I tried to capture some of the lights across the bay.

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Plitvice Lakes with the big camera


We loved the walk around the lakes so much, that we thought we would spend another day in this bit of paradise


There are many trails in the park, so you can get to see the lakes from a different perspective with every turn.


Our second visit was on a Monday, which made it far easier to get around, and to be able to get the photos you wanted without causing a major traffic jam!


The sun was shining and I was amazed that you could see to the bottom of the lakes from on high !


I’m not sure if Jane was humouring me by not moaning every time I stopped to take a picture, or if she was just glad of the rest!


She even took one of me.


It was exciting to turn every corner……….


As you didn’t quite know what you were going to find


But we were never disappointed



From every angle, another stunning photo opportunity !


On a hot day, being around all these waterfalls was very refreshing


I don’t think the wooden walkways would pass the  health and safety test back in the U.K though!


In the cool of the trees you could watch the water cascade down to the turquoise lake below


I know there are lots of photos but it is very hard to convey what a truly magical place this is!!!

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Lake Bled to Plitvice Lakes


Saturday 27th May

Leaving Slovenia for Croatia, only a short queue at passport control but it still took 20 minutes to get through !


Once across the border the roads were remarkably quiet, and if we had turned right instead of left, we would have made very good time ! By the time we had figured out that our comedy SAT-NAV had taken us astray we had driven about an hour !

We asked the guy on the toll booth for directions, and he answered in perfect English and gave us a lovely route off the motorway and through the mountains.


We arrived at the campsite a lot later than planned to find K&V, who had left 2 hours after us, all set up and drinking a cool beer.


Sunday 28th May


Words fail me, this is right up there with my favourite places in the world !  Check out the waterfalls in the photo below……..


This is a national park with many laid out trails


It was a Sunday, and in hindsight we should have waited to visit until Monday as it was very busy!


We walked for 6 hours, and around every corner was another sight to take your breath away.


There comes a time when you run out of superlatives!


As with Lake Bled, the colours don’t look real!


I wish we could have had a swim in the crystal-clear water (which is apparently so pure that it’s drinkable), it would certainly have been refreshing.


This place is so beautiful……


I think we might have to come back to this place………


Maybe tomorrow ?


and I’ll bring my big camera, and hopefully get some better shots !

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Lake Bled, Slovenia


Friday 26th May

Our four intrepid explorers set off to walk around the stunning Lake Bled.


Everywhere you looked there was another fantastic view.


The colours were so vivid that they looked unreal !


We walked up the hundreds of steps to the castle, and Val and Jane managed to find time for a little chat !


And a little time to explore…


What a lovely couple…….not a tacky pose at all !


Awww, how lovely……


Oh my god ! How awful!


It is truly a beautiful place, somewhere I had never heard of before, but definitely a place I would highly recommend.


Yet another sublime vista !


And at the end of a long walk you can take a dip in the refreshing water, or in Kev’s case , a quick chat !


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Germany, Austria and Slovenia

Thursday 25th May


We had an early start today as we had a long drive from Germany through Austria to Lake Bled in Slovenia.


You need a vignette (like a mini tax disc) to be able to drive in Austria, which we purchased at the border.


We stopped half way, for a cheese roll and a cup of coffee, and also the driver needed a 10 minute doze !


We arrived at Lake Bled at about 3pm, looks like not a bad place.


K&V had arrived an hour earlier, and had set about sorting out the priorities – a beer and a good book !


After setting up camp, we took a little stroll before preparing the evening meal.


Although looking at this photo, it looks like I don’t need any tea.

Its just a trick of the light!!!


It looks like we have got a full day tomorrow, we hope to walk all the way around the lake.



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Salzburg on a Sunny Day


Tuesday 23rd May

A trip to the home of the “Sound of Music” today


All the actors looked a bit wooden to me, I wanted to get into the spirit of the trip and wear my Julie Andrews nun’s costume, but Jane didn’t want me to get into any bad habits!


So I just adopted a classical pose, and waited for an opportunity to be in front of the camera.


We got there early,  and had breakfast overlooking the city, so you could say, the hills were alive with the sound of muesli !

(I’m feeling quite sick whilst reading this through….Ed(Aka Jane))


We chose the higher walk into the city from the car park, which gave us a bird’s eye view of the places to visit.


Jane found the main shopping street straight away, however she didn’t think the lederhosen suited me, so we came back without a purchase!


The main park in the city was a Mirabell Palace, not all the flowers were out but they still looked stunning, in a few weeks time they will be looking fantastic !


Lovely fountains are peppered around Salzburg…..


The breeze wafted the odd drop of water on us, which was very welcome on such a hot day !


The sun shone on all these padlocks


It made this bridge a Key place to visit !


After a lovely day in Salzburg, a relaxing stroll along the river back to the car.

P1100305 2

Meanwhile back at the campsite the skies are looking a bit dodgy !

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From Heidelberg to Chieming via Ausberg


Mosbach in Baden

I  don’t know why I started with this picture but it amused me.  This poor chap’s job was to get the water from the river, go to a high spot in the town and wash away all the human waste.  It wasn’t a job that took too much thought and he found himself  just going  through the motions !


On Saturday 20th May we took a drive along the Neckar valley, it was very picturesque and although the sun wasn’t shining all the time it was a lovely way to spend our wedding anniversary.



Jane found this little village perched on a hill looking down the valley


Dilsberg was a charming place and very quiet.


Apart from a wedding going on


And a bunch of noisy kids !


We returned to the campsite, and as the sun was out we decided to crack open a bottle of wine……


Until the sun went down and the wine was finished.


We had an early start on Sunday as we had a couple of days of short drives before we get to  Cheiming where we are going to spend three nights.

The route Kevin picked for us was called  ” The Romantic Road” and it was just our luck to get stuck behind a bloody caravan !

It is called the “Romantic Road” as there are so many stunning little villages along the route, however when you are towing it’s best to take the bypass and not cause chaos by going through the middle of these places. Another place we need to add to the list of places to revisit.


Our transit stop was at a place near Ausberg, not a great site but it served a purpose, not too far off route, and with water and electric. After dinner, we had a stroll around the nearby lake and it was great to stretch our legs just as the sun was going down.


22nd May, My birthday !

Another early start so we can get to Lake Cheiming then have lunch and maybe a glass of wine, so after opening all my cards (thankyou everyone) off we set.


We arrived in good time at another well chosen site ( thank you Kevin )


With enough time to get a chilled glass of the local wine and a ham roll


We also managed to get some homemade cakes for after my birthday tea.


Not that I’m obsessed with food, but I do enjoy a good steak !

What a lovely place, and with great company it made for a special birthday .

Off to Salzburg tomorrow.

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